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PFI stays in place permanently and eliminates all removal and disposal of temporary form materials, providing a faster, cleaner and safer installation. ​PFI is flush with the finish floor elevation eliminating imperfections and inconsistencies commonly encountered between pocket slab finish. Additionally, PFI is not affected by weather which is a great improvement from traditional wood forms.


For food processing facilities, sanitary design construction methods are critical. PFI offers end customers a more sanitary sealed expansion joint between slabs. ​PFI's wall thickness of 3/8" makes it compatible with with zip-strip "Void-Cap" when caulking is specified. ​Bottom line, PFI eliminates the need for wood materials on the job site. 

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PFI allows the option of casting your concrete slab and pocket infill simultaneously if columns are erected prior to slab placement. This feature can have cost saving advantages to many projects. PFI is assembled, leveled and anchored in a fraction of the time spent erecting wood or other temporary form materials. You can also easily drill or cut PFI for penetrations of piping, conduit, or electrical wiring, creating excellent utility or refrigeration line pull boxes. Our pockets are  delivered on pallets, pre-assembled as far as economical for freight. All PFI parts are marked for easy assembly and clear instructions are provided. Our material and delivery method to job sites eliminates the need for any specialized carpentry skills or materials saving you time and labor costs. 

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PFI is engineered from recycled High-Density PolyEthylene. Our pockets eliminate a thickened slab edge and ultimately saves concrete, especially deep pockets. Using recyled material for the structural-foam molding process offers LEED credits to contractor, engineers, and designers.

PFI gives contractors a way to build block-outs without using styrofoam or similar products. The bond tenacity between concrete and styrofoam or similar products is incredible; therefore, many contractors remove all or portions of their foam product block-out forms by using petrochemicals. We invite you to be apart of this movement which is laying the foundation for the future of clean construction. 


PFI allows an option of casting your concrete slab and pocket infill simultaneously if columns are erected prior to slab placement. ​This added benefit with PFI can have huge benefits to overall project scheduling. 


We fabricate different pocket shapes for any situation. PFI is available in over 1,600 standard shapes and sizes to fit your needs.

We can essentially fabricate any size/shape as longs as the sides are straight


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