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Question: How do I know which POCKET FORM ISOLATOR™ is correct for my specific situation?
Answer: There are several factors that go into determining what PFI™ is best for each
situation, here are the factors:

1. The plan dimensions of the block out.
2. The shape of the block out.
3. The depth of the block out.

Question: How can I know what block out plan dimension is correct for my situation?
Answer: There are several considerations:

1. Architectural or Engineering requirements.
2. Base Plate shape, size, rotation and location.
3. Allowance of minimum concrete cover from base plate to edge of block out.
4. Desired appearance of finished project.

Question: How can I know the best shape block out for odd situations?
Answer: Look at the various shapes of PFI™ that are available. Keep in mind, though;
we are always glad to manufacture other custom shapes as needs for these occur.

Question: How do I know the best depth of PFI™ for me to order?
Answer: The distance from the top of the footing up to the FFE is usually the depth that is necessary, however; in situations where columns are bearing atop of piers – there is often some design flexibility.

Question: What is the POCKET FORM ISOLATOR™ anchored to?
Answer: In most cases it is anchored to the footing, however; PFI™ can be staked in
place atop of compact fill material in some cases where piers have been utilized. In somemother cases, PFI™ is anchored to walls and/or footings or stakes. Wall anchorage is required for perimeter block outs in many situations. In many other situations, PFI™ is attached to temporary edge forms.

Question: How can I be certain that I am ordering the correct and best choice PFI™ for my project?
Answer: Call, fax or email one of our sales personnel. We will be happy to assist you in
making the right choice. There are over 1,600 shape and size combinations of PFI™ to
choose from. In some cases, more than one single option is available to meet your needs. We want to assist you in determining what best fits your needs.

Question: Do the lids come included free with the PFI when I order for my job?
Answer: No, and the reason for this is simple – not everyone needs the lids. If lids are
not right for your project, we want to save you money.

Question: What type of project has no need for the lids?
Answer: Any building that has the columns erected prior to placement of formwork for the block outs. Obviously, many buildings have block out forms in-place prior to slab casting – which is prior to column erection. Contractors using this construction sequence can benefit from using the lids – in fact, it makes life easier for the concrete finishers (no holes to avoid while troweling the concrete) and enables the project to comply with OSHA’s “Open Pit Regulations”. Open column blockouts can be cause for some very serious fines from OSHA – especially if columns are not yet erected!


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