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The new ARCLINE products from Pocket Form Isolator are an innovative, new solution to your column isolation needs. Radial design provides exceptional load bearing strength using 40% less plastic than traditional PFI’s.


ARCLINE products are especially beneficial in monolithic, jointless, and extended joint slab pours where control saw joint spacing burdens are a major consideration.

ARCLINE products can be utilized in every structural column form scenario: interior isolation, along-the-wall, interior corner, and exterior corner.

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Patent Pending

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Fast – Arcline by PFI ships jobsite ready with no onsite fabrication needed

Superior – Round design requires no outer wall orientation or control saw joint spacing consideration

Green – No silica dust generation through the elimination of control saw joints. LEED credit viable.

Safe – Load tested, reusable safety lid available, OSHA compliant

Leave In - No tear out required

Flexible – Capable of interior first, exterior first, or simultaneous casting in more than 10,000 shapes and sizes

Elegant - Perfect cosmetic finished slab edge

Cold Storage Preferred – Polyethylene fabrication eliminates mold risks